Let's face it, speaking in front of your peers is scary.

That's where you come in. 

ToastSpot's mentoring program is a great way to work closely with another ToastSpotter to help them grow professionally and personally. 

Mentors have the opportunity to guide someone else to success by helping them...

  • Feel comfortable within the group by introducing them to others, answering questions and explaining typical meeting set-ups and roles. 
  • Identify their reason for joining - and what they'd like to gain. Use this to create a playbook for success. 
  • Advance more quickly
  • Reach the goals you two have set
  • Grow in confidence in prepared and extemporaneous speaking situations.
And, of course, by being a mentor you get to work on your own leadership skills. This is especially helpful for first time HubSpot team leads or managers - as well as those who wish to sharpen their own leadership sills. 

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