About ToastSpot

ToastSpot is the HubSpot Toastmasters club -- a corporate club part of Toastmasters International. We founded the club in October 2011 and have been going strong ever since. This is a completely HubSpotter-organized and led group.

We're a Select Distinguished Club!

The Toastmasters Distinguished Club Program (DCP) is a way to recognize successful clubs for meeting certain milestones in a given year. The program consists of 10 milestones, and if a club achieves 5, 7, or 9 of those milestones, they receive Distinguished, Select Distinguished, or President Distinguished Status, respectively.

We first achieved Select Distinguished Club status in 2013! This is a huge accomplishment and marks the awesome progress our club has made.

Meet the ToastSpot Officers

ToastSpot officers are a group of HubSpotters in charge of growing and maintaining the club -- making it awesome for fellow HubSpot Toastmasters. We hold elections once a year in the summer for the next annual term, which starts July 1, unless there is a special mid-term election. Contact the Toastmasters officers here.


President: Kyle Jepson

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VP Education: Kit Lyman


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VP Membership: Mike Griffin 


VP Marketing: 


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Treasurer: Chaoran Xie



Brad Mampe

Secretary: Brad Mampe

Brad is a member of HubSpot's support department, and started with Toastspot in 2013. After one meeting, he was hooked. His pleasant speaking voice and quick wit easily kept other Toastmasters at bay, and his plans for world domination through public speaking remain completely secret to date. Brad's unconventional, cavalier approach of "Stand In Front Of The Group And Say Something" has marked him head and shoulders above his mute peers, and ratcheted him up the Toastspot hierarchy as the newest Secretary for the group. 

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Sergeant of Arms: Mike Stewart (Stewy) + Kevin O'Dea

Stewy joined toastmasters when he joined HubSpot back in July 2014. He was interested in not only learning how to become a more effective leader, but also an effective and captivating speaker. He loves meeting new people so please introduce yourself!